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Payment security
Payment security
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Commandes et produits

What is the meaning of the shipping time announced on product?
Why on some items, the button "add to cart" is not present?
Following an order, I have not received my order confirmation
When paying for my order I give a promotion code, but the amount has remained the same ?
How to get a discount coupon?

Payment, online payment, security

When banking transaction process initiated, this one always denied what should I do?
When will I be charged?
When will I be sent my invoice?

Shipping and tracking my order

How do you calculate shipping costs?
When will I be delivered?
How to know the status of my order?
Did we warn me of the delivery?
Can I choose the time of delivery?
If I am not there the day of delivery, whats happend ?

Return, refund

I received my order but it does not suit me?